Other Work

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Other Work

MONEYGRABBER was one of Fitz and the Tantrums' very first music videos. I edited this myself, sometimes using 32 tracks of video at a time. In addition to using Blue Note album covers for inspiration, look for a quick nod to the Rolling Stones' Hot Rocks album cover as well.

I really wanted to eat the donuts featured in this commercial for AMERICAN EXPRESS, but somehow managed not to.

The practical matte paintings in this quick spot for RUFFLES were inspired by Nobuhiko Obayashi's HAUSU

EX-SEX premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and ended up on the Viewfinders list as one of the 10 best short films of the year. We shot it in one of the few mid-century modern Eichler homes in Grenada Hills, CA. I am so proud of this film, but it is unavailable publicly.

The spokesperson in this WALT DISNEY WORLD commercial is Marley Dias. Marley has devoted her life to a simple but challenging goal-- she wants to find and promote more books with women of color as the main character. Her campaign #1000BlackGirlBooks has received huge acclaim, and is absolutely starting to move the needle in terms of awareness. In fact, after we wrapped, she was off to meet another fan of hers: Michelle Obama. And she's done all of this while juggling her other job: being a middle school student.