Hi. This is a photo of me, eating a raclette sandwich. What's raclette? Well, it's a type of cheese that's kinda swiss-adjacent, where half of the entire wheel is placed under this heating mechanism so the side of it gets all melty and bubbly. The gooey-ness is then scraped directly onto a fresh baguette, after which cornichons are sprinkled on top with maybe a little mustard. I'd rank this particular sandwich an 8 (out of 10), and got it on the south side of Bryant Park in New York. It was pricey --I think this was 14 bucks-- but totally worth it. And the people who manned the little booth were super nice to me. I probably should have spent this area of my website talking about myself instead of raclette. But if you've made it to this page, I'm sure you already have a decent idea of what I'm all about. Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet. If you'd like to stalk me, all the socially acceptable ways of doing so can be found below.

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