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Everything Sucks!


Everything Sucks!

“#1 Best TV Show of 2018” — Elle Magazine

"Mark my words: Everything Sucks! will go down as the FREAKS AND GEEKS of it's time." – Liz Raftery, TV GUIDE

"Much of Everything Sucks! is about all the things we don't say to each other, in youth and in adulthood, and the freedom that comes in the moments in which candor briefly, unexpectedly becomes possible. It's about the way your breath goes out of you when you realize you're about to spill your guts. So I think it's about '90s kids not because it wants to wallow in its soundtrack and its marquees showing that D3: Mighty Ducks is playing. I think it's about '90s kids because they didn't all carry phones, and they didn't rely on texting, so they were more likely to get stuck with the way it feels to try to tell someone the truth when they're standing right there.  It's not nostalgic for the Spin Doctors. It's nostalgic for awkward silences and the joys to which they sometimes lead." – Linda Holmes, NPR

"A lovable mix of elements from a lot of Netflix’s other recent YA series like Stranger Things, The End of the F***ing World, Big Mouth, and more, that also manages to feel distinctly like its own thing." – Alan Sepinwall, UPROXX